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Curriculum Intent

高质量的体育教育不仅能激发学生对运动和体育活动的热爱,还能激发他们对健康的热情和知识, active lifestyle. 体育教育明确地教授必要的知识和技能,与他人工作和关系, and provides the learning opportunities to develop these skills.  它使领导能力和团队合作技能的发展成为可能,并鼓励学生将知识转移到其他学习领域. It does this for example, by supporting students to work co-operatively in other subjects, 或者在学校环境中,在他们的课外生活中,在体育俱乐部或社区团体中,与领导角色的团体一起工作. 这与整个365足球外围学生知识深度的意图相联系, 有丰富的经验和发展他们的性格力量.

Physical Education at 365足球外围 is structured to provide 学生有能力执行各种技能和技术跨越 a range of different sports and physical activities. This provides a foundation 在此基础上,学生可以进步和发展他们使用战术的能力 在一定范围内成功战胜和智胜对手的策略 competitive sports and physical activities. Additionally, in Year 7 and 8 students 有机会体验舞蹈、体操等美体运动. 这会让他们接触到一种完全不同的身体技能——舞蹈 风格和体操学科允许他们产生独特的舞蹈 and use a range of analytical skills.

Years 9 to 11: Non-examination (core) PE

一旦学生到了9年级,他们可以选择将体育作为考试科目进行学习. Students who do not wish to study PE as a GCSE, 参加一个注重培养他们实践技能的学习计划, character development and sportsmanship. 除了健康、积极的生活方式外,重点是促进积极的心理健康.  In addition to this, 他们继续在7年级和8年级学习的基本技能和技术的基础上,实现更高级的技能, game play and tactical awareness.

Year 9 to 11: GCSE PE

The aim of our GCSE course is not only to prepare students for 他们的下一步教育也为他们提供了广泛的 在高等教育、就业和未来职业中有用的可转移技能. 

Year 12 and 13: Non-examination (core) PE

不希望学习A级体育365外围app下载的学生, 参加一个专注于促进积极心理健康的学习项目 除了健康积极的生活方式,终生参与 sport.

Year 12 and 13: A Level PE

A Level PE is an interesting and challenging course, which 扩展了在GCSE中学到的知识,以及涵盖了新的内容. They cover three key theoretical areas; Physiology and Anatomy, Sports Psychology, and Sports Sociology and Technology.

Co-curriculum and Extracurricular Activities

The department offers a wide variety of extracurricular and 课外活动,让学生体验新的运动和 365外围app下载中没有涉及到的活动,或在其中发展他们的运动技能 they already participate. In addition there are activities which focus 特别是在帮助学生理解并承担责任方面, their physical health and mental wellbeing.  由学生自己领导的课外活动,以及辅导 而当裁判的机会,提供了一个培养领导力的机会 skills, time-management and organisational skills. Some of these groups and activities include:

  • Sports Leaders (Year 10, gaining the level 2 award)
  • An extensive programme of lunchtime clubs, which changes on a half termly basis throughout the year, including; netball, football, tag rugby, cross country, swimming, goalball, yoga, table tennis, badminton, rounders, cricket, athletics, boxing, fitness, dance and more
  • Fixtures and competitions in a wide variety of sports; students have the opportunity to represent the school at district, county or even national level
  • Inter-form competitions every half term for the whole school
  • Annual netball tours (for the selected netball teams)
  • 一年两次的健身和舞蹈表演(表演,或在后台帮忙)


The department has extensive indoor and outdoor facilities.  Indoor facilities include a 大型体育馆,有3个羽毛球场,一个大型体育馆,一个舞蹈工作室,一个 25米,4泳道游泳池和一个专门的教室与资源 delivery of PE theory.

The school has extensive playing fields which are marked 在秋季和春季学期有网格区域,以及400米的田径跑道 in the Summer term.  Outdoor areas include 一个铁饼圈,一个铅球圈,一个标枪投掷区,四个投掷者的投球和 a long/triple jump runway with pit. In addition there are 6 netball courts with all-weather surfaces.             

Opportunities for Further Study and Destinations

A Level Physical Education is accepted at all universities 并提供高等教育和与体育相关的就业机会 包括体育营养、体育心理学、体育新闻等 leisure industry including personal training. Studying PE also gives students many transferable skills.  For example 体育的许多方面都涉及到团队合作的共同目标. Through 参加团队运动和与他人解决问题,学生发展清晰 沟通技巧,领导技巧,自信和应变能力.